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New modular, interchangeable coating system from Monforts 03-juli, 2014
The new patent-registered modular device "Montex Allround" is the key to more flexibility in textile finishing and coating. Different special modules can be installed onto a support undercarriage -according to process requirements - with little manual assistance by means of a quick change equipment. On the one hand this increases the flexibility of the finisher to speedily adapt to changing needs and on the other hand offers advantages for a versatile use of the range.

By a "slide-in/slide-out"technique you can optionally install a cooting unit, an infeed unit or a rotary screen unit onto the undercarriage. At the same time the drives remain permanently fixed with the undercarriage. The special modules fit perfectly to the drives installed at the undercarriage.

Furthermore, you can for example clean a coating module outside the machine at a suitable place and hence considerably minimize downtimes for maintenance and cleaning works at the coating unit.
Modules for different knife systems are available.
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Genkinger-Hubtex Roll manipulator BTR-BTM 20-mei, 2014
Genkinger-Hubtex designed a very versatile new development: the BTR/BTM transport truck
  • All-purpose as narrow fabric mills use different warp beam frames which requires both options, tube grippers and cradle.
  • Ability to change (cradle / tube gripper) is available as option.
  • Carrying capacity 300 kg
  • Warp beam take up from floor.
  • The hydraulic valves allow smooth lifting and lowering. The smooth side-shift ensures the precise depositing of the warp beam at the warp beam frame.
  • Big polyamide steering wheels and big polyurethane caster wheels allow a smooth-running and easy maneuver.
  • The compact design together with the versatile field of application characterize the BTR / BTM.
  • Due to the telescopic lifting mast the truck has a huge lifting height with a small total height. This enables driving without any problems through doors and the warp beam frames.
  • Thanks to the clever design the truck can be used also at narrow areas.
  • The integrated battery charger allows an easy handling.

  • Roll manipulator BTM-BTR
    yarn tension device

    04-juni, 2012
    Genkinger-Hubtex Electric Tractor model ESS 40 19-april, 2012
    With platform and quick release system for adapting of a trailing load.
    Load capacity: 600 kg
    Towing capacity: 4000 kg
    Motor: 2,5 kW
    Electric power steering
    Plating fabric packing machine 10-november, 2011
    Decatising fabric is packed automatically with nylon aid by thermal welding method. Packed decatising fabric is shrunk by thermal tunnel. Weight measurement, automatic barcode label sticking selection. (option).

    See attached video:
    download dekatur.wmv 4271 kbdekatur.wmv

    Enlarge image Plating fabric packing machine Plating fabric packing machine